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Wedding Choreography has been started for many years ago. It was more popular in Marwari Family especially in Kolkata, Ahmadabad and Jaipur. But now the trend is gripping in Pune too. Everybody wants to celebrate the happiness of wedding on the stage. So do not worry whether you are 5 yrs or 70 yrs. You are trained or untrained dancer. Dance choreographers are ready to teach you groovy steps and to make you fabulous dance performer.

Weddings in India could not be complete without any dance whether in baraat, sangeet, reception, or mehendi functions. But times are changing many couples and their friends have book the services of professional choreographers to prepare them for super fun Sangeet.

There is a very common trend of boys side vs girls side dance performance or even a dance performance on the Parody songs (Parody song is specially recorded on the story of couple and lyrics replaced with suitable words) which tells the love story of the couple.

These days all event management companies or wedding planners also provide choreographers for weddings. Sessions with the choreographer before the wedding can be stress buster and super fun too. All the choreographers 1st take a test of your dancing skills and then suggest you the song and the steps according to your skills and relation with the couple.

Bollywood songs are all time favorite but western dance is also climbing the charts. Grab the best costumes from the market to suit your character and if you are tight on budget then you can also hire it. At a few wedding that we have managed, the video was uploaded to YouTube so that other friends who were not able to attend the ceremony or living overseas can watch it even friends of friends can watch it.

It is also fun to record the quality footage of your practice sessions and show it on a big screen after you finishes the performance. You could also use this footage in case you foget the steps.  At some point it can be used in your wedding video.

This trend is mostly popular in Marwari, Punjabi and Gujrati familys but the You can also ask your choreographer for a performance with their dance troupe on your D-day.

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