Lose weight before the Big Day...
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Before you take your wedding vows with him, you need to take your fitness vows seriously. Think of the fitness goal long term rather than just losing kilos for the wedding. Studies show that married people gain more weight than others do in their first few blissfully wed years. Here are some tried and tested tips to help you with your goal:

Start early: If you really want to lose some extra pounds just before the wedding, start at least three to six months before the D-day. Plan your fitness regime carefully with a good nutritionist and a trainer.

Morning’s the best time: Hit your gym/go for a walk/do some yoga or aerobics earlier in the day. The more you postpone this, the lesser the chances of success due to your hectic schedule before the wedding.

Avoid crash diets: Do not fall for any crash diet that promises quick weight loss – you run the risk of looking worn out and depressed on your big day.

Small meals are good: Eat small, healthy frequent meals throughout the day. Apart from a good breakfast, lunch and a light dinner, grab something small every 2 hours (it could be just some groundnuts/a cup of milk/ some curd/an orange etc).

Rope him in: If you are lucky enough to have your man staying close to you, work out together. Lay the foundation for a healthy (and health-conscious) relationship.

Stretch: Get into the habit of stretching – you very well know how supple muscles can benefit you (and your sex life!) soon.

Meditate: You need it after all that stress you are going through. More stress = more hormonal imbalance = more weight gain and bloating.

Learn to cook: Start spending some time buying veggies and fruits. Try cooking exotic low-fat recipes at home. While it helps control your current weight, you are also consciously learning healthier cooking for your life after marriage.

Load up on supplements: Get your daily dose of vitamins with supplements. With all the stress and running around, you need it girl!

Don’t get stressed out: Your man has chosen you for what you are, in whatever shape you are. Be confident, just follow these tips and lose weight without getting stressed out!

So, go shopping for your dream wedding dress/saree/ghagra now – you’re worth it.