Weddings in Monsoons..!!!
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Shardha Bengert, who got married on July 15 at the Krishna Sundar Garden in the city, recounts her wedding day: “For my wedding, people turned in less numbers than expected as it was raining heavily on that day. The mahurat was at 12.45 pm and it was raining heavily at that time. I didn’t face any problems as I was waiting dressed and ready inside but my husband and his family and friends faced a problem bringing the Baraat.”

It’s a two-sided coin: the rains are perfect for a memorable wedding with lush greenery all around and the rains adding a certain refreshing backdrop to the proceedings. But on the other hand, it could be a nightmare to complete the wedding preparations. However, with a bit of management, you can manage to make the best of the season and have the perfect wedding.

Shruti Gaikwad, who got married on July 11 at Mauli Gardens, said that she was glad she got married during the monsoon as the atmosphere was nice. “Also, I enjoyed the pre wedding events a lot with my friends. More planning is needed for a monsoon wedding than during the rest of the year, as the stage has to be different and water-proof,” she states.
What experts say Fashion designer Shivali Gawande advises that during monsoon brides should avoid heels and instead opt for flats or wedges. “Opt for a wedding lehenga that has a lot of colour in it; peaches and neon colours are good. Heavier materials are better during the winter season.”

Fashion designer Nivedita Saboo said that for every occasion there has to be a dress that is different, elegant and suits the occasion. “These dresses should not be very heavy to carry but elegant to look at,” she observes.

Event manager Vibhav Patil says that lawns are not a good option for monsoon wedding, it’s better to opt for a resort or a hotel.

“If you are having a monsoon wedding than the first thing to consider is the venue. It should be a good hotel, a resort or you can go for a destination where the rains are less. If you have the wedding on the lawn then cover the area. Also the transport from the hotel or where ever the guests stay to the wedding venue should be managed properly,” said Harshad Bondre, co-founder of one of the leading event management companies in Pune.

Rahul Joshi of Live Events observes that 30% of costs are saved if you go for a monsoon wedding as rates are comparatively lower during this season. “You can head to resorts which have in-house halls for this season. It’s also possible to have good decorations at lesser costs during this season,” Joshi adds.

Article Courtesy - Mid-Day (Pune)